Hellcat OSP Optic choices

No, @jumpinjoe , you're right. I was going off of memory as I didn't have the gun with me. I wanted to say two, but it seemed four would be more solid than the two so I figured I mis-recalled.
Good catch and sorry about that. I don't seem to be able to edit my note to correct it.
Well, when you first put it on, you have to take off the two screws holding the cover plate on, then two screws to put the RDS on, so there is that. 😁
I purchased the Swampfox Sentinel along with the iron sights guard at Christmas time. I really like it. Although it stays on all the time (auto version) and some don't care for that because of battery life, I don't mind. It's adaptiveness to ambient light is super quick.
I purchased the same but had problems, unfortunately.
The Ironsides Shield was way too tight-fitting, especially when using the waterproof plate (it would scrape the Sentenal).
I sent it back and they said that it was manufactured incorrectly because it should have had a little space between it and the Sentinal optic to do its job.
Then during my first day at the range with the Sentinal (and an instructor), it went goofy and displayed a large fuzzy red blob over most of the glass after about fifty rounds.
It was installed properly and as directed.
Hey all, new to the forum as I’m a new Hellcat owner as well as a XDM in the best mm. I researched all over and decided on the Sentinel for my optic as it seemed to be the best option other than the Holosun which requires further modification.
Placed my order with swampfox about 3 weeks ago and it hasn’t went smoothly.
They promised multiple ship dates that were missed and messed up some other stuff as well. Optic should be here any day now.
I’ve been continuing my research and a lot of the more recent reviews within the last two months are really poor for the optic. Reports of glass falling out and glass breaking. Even the previous poster had issues with the dot. I’m worried about quality and I’m losing my trust in the brand and the product before it even arrives. I’m debating on returning unopened. Their CS has really turned me off to their brand, and the product has been getting poor reviews recently.
Now, one thing I know about online reviews, generally the happy people are quiet, so reviews tend to skew negative. I could be getting worried about isolated failures reported multiple places.
For the Sentinel users, are you still using it? Are you happy, any issues? Should I give it a try or return and go with the 507k?
Been very happy with my Sentinel. Ordered in October and delivery was about a week. Got the on all the time version. Mounted easily and sighted easy also. No issues. Since the Sentinel I've ordered a Justice and Liberty but haven't mounted them as having slides cut. Customer service has been great and fast. When I ordered the Justice on Amazon during Swampfoxes prmotion, they sent a Liberty. I wrote Swampfox and John sent me a return with and I sent back the Liberty and they sent me the Justice. So far very satisfied with them.
Maybe I just caught them in a bad stretch. The troubling part for me is how misleading they were with the information they were sharing.
Optic showed in stock on their site when I ordered. No follow up. After A week I asked for an update, they replied and said it was back ordered and would be in stock on the 12th. Their website didn’t show back ordered. Anyway, 12th came and went. Emailed again, these should ship on the 16th. Came and went. Talked to them on the 17th, oh, we see your account was flagged as suspicious. That’s now taken care of and we will ship this right out. They never sent any updates at all unless I sent a request for an update. They showed it in stock when I ordered as well. I’m just pretty sour on them. They were never overly apologetic either. Mostly replies of, things are very busy right now, we will look into things with our tech group, etc. After all of that, they were so generous they upgraded it to “2 day overnight shipping”. Just wow. Should have sent it next day. I’m just disappointed, bad experience with a company I was really excited about. Couple that experience with the bad reviews I’m seeing and I’m not feeling overly confident.


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I think a ton of these smaller shops are way way behind. Let’s be honest, many that start these companies in this industry are not from service business. Just my observation. YMMV

as far as three dots for your hellcat, I have been and do have the Romeo, holosun 507k, and even got the trijicon rmrcc.

I almost pulled the trigger on a sentinel but went with the holosun because of the side load battery and that damn video that shows them beating the heck out of it. That said, the holosun is my edc.

I have seen all the positive reviews, and there are even negative on HS (but mostly country of origin). I don’t think you can go wrong either way, but I am happy with my HS. Heck, I am even happy with my Romeo Zero in my 365xl (with metal shroud).

I hated the rmrcc FYI. Mostly because I needed a plate for everything and it was super tall.


Just an update on my Hellcat and optics. I bought my Hellcat in early Feb. and Installed a Shield SMSc optic on it in April. I absolutely love it. I have approx 600 rnds thru the cat with the optic. No issues. I'll say that the dot is not as defined as my Vortex Venom on the Shield as it tends to bloom in higher light conditions. In lower light its fine. It does not affect the accuracy at all. I am quite amazed how tight the cat shoots, I would never expect a small pistol to shoot as well as it does.
I am very happy with the pistol sight combination. Co witness is excellent and switching back and forth while shooting is no problem, although the groups expand some with the iron.
Your observations are exactly like mine with the hellcat, I love it.