Hellcat Pro Awarded Esteemed Law Enforcement Endorsement

“The Hellcat Pro performed well and was fun to shoot, especially when I installed the red dot on it.”
This is my take on the RDP. Is it really necessary to have a comp and red dot on it? Not really. Is it more fun at the range? Most definitely. The Pro has a 3.7" barrel. I field stripped the RDP and the barrel measured 3.7". (Well, 3 and 11/16")
The article shows how the sights co-witness through the Hex- that pic and my gun are the same. I know some of the guys are complaining that they can't see the entire front sight... But you can see enough of it.
Other than the 15 round standard capacity, the RDP has everything the Pro has. Either gun is a great choice for fun and defense.
I agree with Conax. The RDP is the more versatile. Add a 15 round mag and you basically have the same grip length as the Hellcat Pro. Remove the comp, load an 11 round mag and you have something awfully close to the original Hellcat for deep concealment. Run a 13 round mag for something in between.