Hellcat Pro Trigger (not giving up)


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Purchased a Pro about 2/3 weeks ago and loved everything about the gun. Mounted a Holosun 507K on and was eager to hit the range. I then fired my first 6 rounds,I must say the trigger was horrible. Take up was forever long and hit a wall that was near impossible to squeeze to shoot followed with a long reset. This is nothing like my Hellcat trigger. Ended up shooting 50 out of 60 rounds low left. I feel I probably got an anomaly because this issue never showed in reviews or posts. I am curious if anyone has experienced this. The Pro is currently having an Apex trigger installed. I feel that with a new trigger this will be a perfect carry gun. Grip, point, size, and capacity are excellent.


I’ve had mine for probably a month. I’m shooting low left too but I’m certain it’s a technique issue for me. Trigger definitely feels better than my previous Glock. Not ready to entertain an Apex trigger yet. Going to sling 200 rounds tomorrow, my grouping is getting better but I’m still a novice, haven’t shot a handgun since the late 80s.


I believe I read somewhere that the pro's did have trigger issues but can't remember where. I would give Springfield a call and see what they say.
I own a Pro for months now. Have maybe 300 rounds thru it. No issue with the trigger however the "ball in the bucket sites" had to go (See earlier post) IMO my shield plus is far superior. It is now my EDC