Hex Wasp - Anyone’s randomly stop working?

Contact springfield they will get you a new one. Call them. Its fastest way to get it resolved. They will send you a fed 3xp. Return lable cia email. Print it out and when you drop off your wasp. Make sure you get a receipt for the drop off. It's obvious its rhe wasp. We don't need to be scientists to figure the issue is the wasp. Come on springfield fix the issues. You are aware of the problems we are having..
Sending mine in tomorrow because it will not hold zero. When I contacted Springfield I was told they don't trouble shoot the Wasp bit just send a replacement. She said it could take 4 to 6 months because they don't have any Wasps and will most likely stop selling them be abuse of all the issues. I asked about gettinga Shield instead. I was told to write a note saying I wanted the Shield instead and place it in the return package. Hopefully they send a Shield. I had the Wasp for a year and have had issues with it the whole time.
I think it necessary to include a kudos to SA....I dropped my hellcat:oops: indoors and it landed on the top of the Wasp. Glass cracked and shroud had a slight dent. I contacted Springfield and was advised to send it in for inspection.
I sent it in about the first of September and just received it (or a replaced one) back. No charge.

I have a couple of Hellcats and have two Wasps that I have had to send back with the battery problem. I think I have replaced them several times each and have not been a great fan.......but a warranty replacement for a customer damaged unit is pretty nice customer service.
I appreciate it.
SADLY...(if this thread is still being read by anybody)
I had not checked my Hellcat for a few months. The Hex was replaced in October and I have had it out for cleaning and a range visit since then, but not for a while.

I pulled it out of my safe today and the Hex is again dead. I am going to take it off and see if it is the battery again.
Not happy about this as I had become happy with the latest Hex I was shipped and had thought the problem was solved.
I will contact them, as usual.:mad:
Coincidentally just yesterday I had to replace the battery in my SMSc. It had been in constant use since iirc Mar of 2000. I originally bought the Hellcat in Jan of that year, and wasn't able to find any other RDS that fit without modifications to my gun which I didn't want to do. The Shield at the time was about the only option for both 100% co-witness and no mods required. So, anyway the battery has been going on since I put it on the gun back in Mar of 2000.

Then in Aug of 2001 I was able to buy a Wasp RDS from SA. I wanted an on hand replacement if ever the Shield died on me. It just sat there in my safe until I started hearing all kinds of stories about batteries dying. So, in Dec of 2021, I put the supplied battery in the Wasp and just let it set on top of my desk in the bright light so as to have the highest load on it possible. Well yesterday while replacing the battery in my Shield, I took a look at the Wasp and saw that it's still bright.

Bottom line is the battery in my Shield lasted about 3 full years without any issue. The battery has now been in my Wasp (sitting on the desk) since Aug 2021 making it about 18-19 months. Guess I've been lucky with both of them so far. I still think I like the Shield a little better but probably only because I've had it so long. But if I ever need it in a pinch, I won't hesitate to put the Wasp on my Hellcat.

Hope my experience will help some even though there's not been a lot of interest in this thread or this subject lately. jj
I know I can google-smart this more, but as I am doing that I thought I would post to our amazing forum.

Purchased RDP…all good, wasp seems to be ok. Not the best but love the co witness and metal/design. Certainly works well. Went in the safe for a month + as I been busy. Took it out today and it is dead.

I thought “well it was perfect 0 so maybe the battery was just old.” Three battery swaps later…nothing. Blew around contacts, tried batteries..nothing.

I emailed support. I am guessing this somehow died on me. Hope that lifetime thing is true.

Any other reports out there?
There have been multiple pages done on this Hex Wasp. I cannot believe they are still selling it.I put one on a hellcat "Years Ago" and went through the whole battery thing. Along with a great many others. With so many options available why bother. I put a swamp fox on & no problem. That was about a year or so ago. This ship,return.ship return thing is nuts.I took mine and with a Louisville slugger. Sent it into the great Unknown. No time for unreliable items on my firearms.
My Hexwasp came as part of the Hellcat RDP package. It's been replaced once after I dropped it and the glass cracked. Awesome, they replaced it. Last week it stopped working. I figured it was the battery. Took the battery out and a small metal part dropped onto the work surface. After examination, I determined it was the negative battery terminal that fell off. Called SA and they sent me a Fedex label to send it back for replacement. We'll see what happens.
Reading all of these…

This is why I’m getting a Venom and not a Dragonfly for my Prodigy.
Seeing how I don't know what footprint(s) you can use, I may be way off base here, but I would be looking at a Holosun, Vortex or DPP, depending on how much money I had.
Venom is a Vortex
Both of my Wasps failed me with their battery draining issues after 4 months and they were both stored in a dark safe specifically to avoid running the battery down prematurely.

I called Springfield Armory and talked with a nice gentleman who sent a shipping label so they could investigate the issues. I sent both Wasps to SA and they checked them out then replaced with new Wasps. Since the Hellcat now ships with the Shield optic I was hoping the replacements were that brand vs the Wasps.

We shall see what happens with the replacements but I'm afraid to depend on the Wasps for EDC.

As to Springfield Armory customer service I can only say that they were easy to reach by phone and they were quick to handle this issue for me. Very good customer service and handled quickly. I love my Hellcats and will purchase more of these sweet weapons for family members to use. They will be OSP models and will have optics on them. The brand will be chosen after some time with these replacement Wasps.
I am having same issue. Mine died, I sent it back they replaced it, now my replacement has died as well. I have contacted them again. Very frustrating.
I have had several Wasps ...each with multiple failures after replacement. The main problem with the failures is not only the sending back to be replaced, but the fact that you will not have any knowledge that it has again failed until you go to use it again. This, of course, leaves you without the equipment you purchased.j

HOWEVER....Springfield has bent over backwards throughout this whole debacle to do what they can to try to make us whole again. That has not removed the pain...but is really great customer service.
Springfield are good people trying to get this behing them. Remember that they did not make this product.

NOW..GOOD NEWS. When I l sent my last one back a couple of months ago I asked if it was possible to receive a different product as it was obvious that the WASP was just not going to work.

They advised that they would replace it with a SHIELD SMSC RED DOT...
The Shield optic arrived and has (of course) been working without a problem.

It may be an good idea to ask for this option if you are not happy with the Wasp failures.