Hi-Point C9 9mm Handgun — Utilitarian, Not Useless


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Here is one for our illustrious yeet master @10mmLife he always said they shout good and are not useless…….😬😬

Also if you want it in a 10mm, I know @10mmLife is real giddy about this one……

i'm actually going the the LGS in the AM, to sell off my Emissary.......if they happen to have the new Hi Point .45, i might be trading instead....

might be the deal of the century tomorrow.....!!!!!
My first gun ever was a Hi Point C9. Never gave me any issues. Honestly, if it wasn't for that gun, I probably wouldn't be the gun guy I am today. I did my research before buying it. I knew it was ugly and heavy and people hated it but I also knew it would work. Owned it and carried it for a few years.
Eventually I sold it to get a Shield as I wanted something easier to carry, but, I don't regret buying the C9.
There's a Berkeley, Missouri cop who owes his life to a Hi Point. Right after Ferguson a thug got the drop on him at a gas station but his Hi Point jammed. Cop shot him dead. They rioted in protest.