Hornady Critical Defense 9mm Review: Self-Defense Ammo for CCW

First off, I want to give a shout out to C-2 Tactical, I go there whenever I'm in town, great place to shoot. Second, it was not pointed out that Hornady Critical Duty/Defense with the flex tip is the carry load for the FBI. Among some things I think they do right at is duty ammunition testing. The FBI conducted extensive testing with all of the major duty rated ammunition brands. The Critical Defense/Duty passed all six FBI protocol tests. Please refer to the Guns and Ammo magazine article for more information. Not to say that other top brands are not good, but Hornady passed all testing mediums they threw at it. It's all I carry for serious EDC loads.
While I have used this many times, I switched to Sig V-Crown or Win Silver Tips, I myself don’t care for the plastic tips and I have had feeding issues with the Hornady in the past, I’m not really interested in anything the FBI has to say about ammo, I usually test my own way with the ammo I select to see how it functions and reacts, just me
I carry a .45 Springfield loaded model for winter. I stack it with Double Tap .450 smc 230 gr hp’s. I like the hitting power of the smc. As far as the veracity of their testing, I couldn’t say, wasn’t there.