How Do You Plan a DIY Hunt?


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For those that live at lower elevations and flat land getting into shape is essential when hunting in the higher elevation west.

Steep ground and lower 02 levels at higher elevations will challenge those not used to the western mountain conditions. Going to your area early to get some acclimation will help, and practicing carrying heavy weights and getting legs into shape will prepare for the inevitable climbs and long hikes.

As per the article keeping well fed and hydrated is essential to maintaining energy during the long days.

Having a dedicated GPS unit (99.999% you won't have cell service), and good old fashioned hard-copy maps and a compass will help to read the terrain you'll be hunting in. Little screens don't always cut it.

Having a good med kit is also essential in case of an injury, as well as a sat phone/emergency personal locator beacon (aka PLB) in case you have a serious incident and need rescue.

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I agree with getting used to walking uphill and down.

I used to run marathons, paved and on mild hill inclines were no big deal. Then I went to NYC and ran their course - I can’t recall how many bridges we crossed over but they were steep enough to make jelly out of unconditioned quadriceps, there’s a bit of clumsiness that comes when going back downhill.

Trekking seems so carefree and nonchalant, after a few miles your thighs down to your toes will feel all those irregularites that you have to compensate for trying to stabilize yourself on the terrain.

(Oh, don’t forget to pack a snow/ice scraper for the bears. 😊 )


Around here we hunt acorn eating ridge runners. Lots of walking up big hills. Best place to be is just off the shoulder of a ridge.


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Bridget, you are a beacon for other women in the pursuit of the outdoors and hunting.
I share your articles with my college daughter

She enjoys the hunt and time afield and hopes to go solo one day soon.
We appreciate all you do to be that role model.