I finally shot my SA-35

Due to life's challenges, I didn't get a chance to shoot my new SA-35, until June 12th. This makes my 3rd High Power this year. First was a Girsan MC P35 and an FN New High Power, and lastly this SA-35.

It was amazing. A couple of feeding hiccups at first, but that soon went away (less than 50 rounds) I shot all hard ball range ammo. I have several MecGar and 1 SA - 15 round magazines. I also have 2 Browning 20 round magazines, it wouldn't feed from either of these. The feed lips held the top round and the wrong angle. They do work in the Girsan.
I shot about 100 to 120 rounds, very well received and enjoyable.
Finally managed to find and purchase one here but, like you, been too busy with work to shoot it yet. Love the fit and finish and so anxious to put a few rounds through it and break it in. Want it to become my EDC if old age doesn’t get in the way.
Just put the first 200 rounds of FMJ and hp through my month old SA35. Flawless performance! What a joy to shoot! I know everyone will have a different experience, but man I really wanted to love this gun, and so far I do!