Is the 1911 Dangerous to Carry?


About the "retention factor":
I’ve seen cases where a malefactor gained control of a good person’s gun, tried to shoot him or her, and failed because the gun was on-safe and the thug couldn’t figure out “which lever turns on this damn gun.”

Well, IMO that might be interpreted in a different way: The malefactor had the time to reach and grab the gun because the good person didn't have the time lower the safety and shoot. Or even forgot to lower the safety himself, due to the stress.

That's why my weapons don't have safeties.
I have read a lot just how dangerous the 1911 really is . But it seems that is when you are the idiot on the receiving end. In my humble opinion the only thing wrong with the 1911 is there are so many things you can do for them. Its really hard to just shoot it the way it came. That is unless you get a really tricked out one .
When I said they were dangerous I did mean to the person that might be shot with one. Always loved the response to why do you carry a 45. Cause they dont make a 46. Well they do make some bigger stuff but not really better.1911 for ever !


Been carrying mine in Condition One since I got it. I was definitely a bit hesitant at first. But I took some time to get acquainted with how the firearm operates and came to the conclusion that the only way it's dangerous is if I mishandle it. I feel entirely comfortable with it and I have come to love carrying it.

Now if I could just find a way to conceal a full size easier.... lol.
I've been pondering the acquisition of a 1911 (Springfield, of course!), a thought that is gaining more momentum every day due to the continuing dearth of 9mm ammunition. In nearly every outlet (true representation of their stock) that is sold out of 9mm, they have .45 ACP available.

Thank you for another great article I'll file away for the day I bring home my first 1911!
Could build one like an 80% AR if you have the interest in that sort of thing
I typically belt carry my steel full size 1911s, due to the offside weight issue, two single stack magazines don't balance out for side to side. My advice is stolen from Jeff Cooper's Fighting Handguns, the ideal 45 ACP would be about 28 ounces. The Kimber aluminum frame CDP at 31 ounces as a full size 1911 is my sweet spot, full size grip, barrel, night sights. Carry a lot, shoot a little. Save the steel for extended shooting.
Only way I could think of shaving off a few ounce is lighter weight rounds and an aluminum mag or if it's already aluminum then a poly mag