Is This the Best 1911 To Buy?

EH-2 tones are so yesterday-I guess that's why I have a couple🔫
That’s no different than comparing this to the RO.... I know about the railed TRP along with the price tag. There are so many models, the Long Beach Operator, TRP with rail/full rail, RO w/rail now the Ronin. Add FSC and a rail and people will buy them.
FSC?? I'm bad with acronyms, too many of them
If they come out with the LW 9mm ACTUAL Commander-length—4.25” w/bushing, not a stupid coned 4”—I will likely buy one.

Article says it’s in the works, we’ll see.
I saw it at SHOT, so, there!! It will be, I handled it, touched it, racked it, didn't shoot it, they might get pissed if a fired a round in the Conference center...
Never played with one of their Professionals, have you...;)

I’ll put a Pro up against anything comparable coming out of Wilson, Nighthawk, Baer, etc...
had a chance to test out a HRT custom at the range, it was surreal but I couldn't see myself spending $2000 more than my TRP which I feel shoots better by itself better than I'll ever be able to in my lifetime (y)