Left handed life with a Hellcat

I am new to shooting and chose the HELLCAT because it has a left or right handed magazine release. I am looking for guidance on how to train myself on the slide stop lever . Any guidance would be greatly appreciated Thank you all in advance



Cup your right hand over the top of the slide, so your hand makes a “C” clamp on it (make sure you don’t block the ejection port), thrust your left hand forward while your right hand pulls back, when the slide hits the end of travel, lift your hand and let the slide slam forward.


What does this do in terms of actually firing?
Racking the slide loads the chamber. It does nothing in terms of actually firing. After the last round is fired, the slide locks open. You can then drop the empty mag and load a fresh one and either hit the slide stop or slingshot the slide into battery. Which strips the first round of the fresh magazine and loads it into the chamber, ready to fire.
Although you will get some excellent advice on this forum may I suggest you locate a well experienced person/trainer to assist you in person? Start with the basics, such as the four components of a "round", the names of the parts of the firearm and their function, sight picture, dry firing and all the rest. Congratulations on your interest and acquisition and stay with it till you are fully confident and proficient. New to shooting, new piece; and not taking away from the abilities of anyone but "learning" and doing by forum advice may not be the safest or most efficient path for you.