M1 Carbine: America’s First PDW


I fired one of these on automatic it was a fun little rifle to shoot when I was going thru Lite Weapons Specialist course not only did we learn to take them apart we learned how to shoot them we shot every small arms weapon of WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam US, GERMAN, ITALIAN, UK, ISRAEL, FRANCE, CHICOM, SOVIET BLOCK up to present-day '90s Light machine guns, rifles, Pistols, Lite Anti Tank weapons Included. It was 18 weeks of some of the best training some of our insurgents are equipped with these old weapons today they are older than the men who carry them. In Afganistan in the early 80's I see an old fighter with an old WW1 Mark I Vickers machine gun and a Kid about 15 or 16 armed with WW11 era GERMAN MG 42. many of these old weapons are in use today worldwide.