M3 Grease Gun in the Cold War & Beyond


We carried AND used the "grease gun" in the Ontos in vietnam. Although we were also issued m14s and 1911s, the grease gun was fast and easy to use from the close confines of the "pig" or the "thing" as it was affectionately known.

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Any to rent in Vegas, love to shoot one , already shot MP 40, & recall gun Dirty Dozen & other movies since then
Hi, Here is a pic of me with a M-3 Grease Gun, i was recovering from Shrapnel Wounds from a Grenade, (1st wound).When I was well enough to go back to my Unit I asked where my Car-15 was and was told it was inoperable, The supply Sgt. gave me the M-3 took me down the beach to fire a few mags. Went back with eight mags. I kept the MG with me until I was wounded again.


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My dad was issued a M-3 in Okinawa. I wish I had a picture of him with it. He joked about always getting in trouble for how dirty it was. He said it always worked so he wasn't worried about cleaning it.