Maybe Doctors are Hesitant to Talk About Guns With Patients Because It’s None of Their Damned Business

The title of this thread says all that's required; none of their business, at least in a general sense. If one's, or other's, safety from the mental health angle is in question, it's understandable and valuable, as it could prove to be the first and only impetus to help and treatment. IMO.
My dental provider is a stand alone dentist not part of any large dental conglomerate and is the best dentist I’ve ever been to. At the very bottom of the door to his business it simply says…….

“Concealed 2A safe”

He is constantly busy and getting an appointment is difficult.

My PCP is also a proponent of the 2A however the door to his stand alone business has a sign saying no weapons allowed which I respect and follow.

This is Kentucky after all.
I worked in the medical field for about 3 years before I gave it up.

My understanding is that HMOs make a lot of money but doctors don't or the money they do make mostly goes to paying for malpractice insurance. Of the three clinics that I worked in they all ran on a very thin profit margin.

The more patients the doctor saw, the more money he made. I worked in one Clinic where they gave the medical assistant 3 minutes per patient to get height, weight, vitals and a brief synopsis of their reason for visiting today.

I worked in an orthopedic clinic where the doctor double booked every appointment slot every day. He did everything he could to get the patients through the machine as fast as he could.

The point I'm making in this is that again, I just don't see the doctor wasting the time to ask you that question. At best they would put it on the intake form.

The other thing I've noticed about doctors is that they're generally pretty arrogant people. If you're sitting in the room with a doctor,he's the smartest guy in the room and if you don't believe me, ask him and he'll tell you.

I can't imagine a doctor wasting time arguing Second Amendment with you. If a doctor ever did ask a patient that question I'm pretty sure that as soon as the patient started ranting about his Second Amendment rights and what was or wasn't the doctor's business the doctor would mark "Yes" on the form and go on to the next question.

When I was working in the medical field I don't recall ever asking any patient that question. As a patient I don't ever remember being asked that question. If the VA ever asks me I'm going to tell them "No" and move on.
From now on when I am asked who I identify as, I going to say a little green man from Alpha Centauri .......