Mossberg 590 Top Selling Pump Shotgun of 2019

Anniversary model 500, I made the stocks for those guns.
I grew u hunting with a model 31 Remington um and never thought I would ever want any brand but a Remington. However the new Remingtons Don't have the quality the old g ns did. If I ever b y another shotty , it will be a Mossberg shockwave .
I have a 500 Cruiser for home defense. My dad had a few types of shotguns. I would always grab the Mossberg.

My current bedside gun is a 500 with a few mods.

I just put a tactical kit ( pistol grip, molded pistol grip forend, shell carrier, light and laser combo) on a Remington 870 Tactical for my son in law today. It was a PITA compared to the Mossberg. I broke a forend nut tool taking the forend nut off it was on so tight. The bolt and carrier came out with the forend too. I like the 500/590 much better.