Not Your Fathers U-2


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The photographer's ride of a lifetime....


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The U2 pilot's vision is so restricted by his helmet and gear that he cannot see how close to the ground he is or the attitude of his wings on takeoff and landing. He is basically riding a 40,000 pound bicycle. He needs another u2 pilot in a high performance chase car right behind him on takeoffs and landings to give him altitude information and to keep the wings level . When I was at Osan AB in South Korea I talked to the mechanic who maintained the Camaro they were using at the time. He said he had the best job in the Air Force.
You dont usually hear them talk about the other aspects of flying in a seat for 10+ hours... when they land you usually have pee dripping down from the antenna's due to the pee can overflowing... sometime the oldtimers would 'pop the seal' on their helmet so they could smoke on their way back after they were below pressure altitude.