Perfect Carry Gun: XD-S Mod.2?


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In my humble opinion, this is a very nice carry option. I have the optional tritium front sight and blacked out rear. I find this comfortable to carry all day and performs very well at the range. Point and shoot without having to worry about "on or off" type safeties. This one usually follows me out the door.



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I don't have a Mod.2, but I do love (and carry daily) my original XDs with the waffle grip. Never had an abrasion issue with the original grip, it gets back on target for me quickly, and I especially like the interchangeable backstrap for sizing. I still have stock (non-tritium; front fiberoptic) irons on it, but I carry it with the Viridian R5 ECR instant-on green laser.


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Got a deal on one from academy with extra mags for 380 this last Christmas. Only thing I was it had was different size grips for it. Other wise a real accurate and efficient gun. Cleaned and well lubed. No jams.