Phlster Floodlight Holster with XDM Elite OSP


Staff member
So with some trimming of the rubber grommets on the side where the sights are the Phlster Floodlight holster will work with the XDM Elite OSP. The problem was that the suppressor sights were so tall that when the rubber grommet were tightened. They would expand and get in the way in the sight channel of the tall front sight when drawing. I trimmed the diameter of the grommets and the sight will now clear. Now that I know it works I am going to machine a peice of delrin that runs the length of that side with three holes to replace the rubber then I will never have to worry about it again. I only needed about 2mm to clear the front. It was recommended that I try a fixed retention kit (washers) so the holster does not squeeze the rubber.

So far after a couple days I like this holster, it’s comfortable and seems to hold the XDME nicely. I like that this holster will fit multiple pistols, allows me to have a mounted x300 and will clear the optic, win, win, win.