Pint-Sized Tank Buster: French LRAC-50 73mm Bazooka


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SARCO has them. Better jump on these :whistle:


Or perhaps we should call this the Dien Bien Phu’zooka’! After WWII, the French army rebuilt itself with many U.S. arms, but they excelled with some of their own, like the MAT49 SMG and the LRAC-50 Bazooka. This rocket launcher fired a 73mm round and was used in such places as the French Indochina War, Algerian War, and could be found at most quiet Foreign Legion outposts like Tahiti and Djibouti. Nevertheless as armor vehicles improved, the LRAC was slowly replaced by the U.S. 3.5" “Super Bazooka”, and others in the 1960's. Our deactivated rocket launcher is original, has a hole equal to the bore diameter drilled in it and a welded piece installed in the chamber per BATF rules. This unit has a pistol grip installed, blast shield with glass inserts and optical elbow telescope. To our knowledge, this is the first time they have been offered and quantities are very limited so you should act quickly to make sure you get one!

PRICE: $375.00​