Polymer 80 Raided!!!


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Serious threat to the 2A community!

Are do it yourself gun projects a thing of the past? Check out the link below for info on the raid at Polymer 80. They are probably the largest manufacturer of 80% pistol kits. This raid allegedly happened because of a possible recent definition change of what the ATF considers a firearm.

I think 2021 is going to be a bumpy ride so buckle up....☹



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I would like to know how the ATF can justify this. The 80% frame is legal by its self and the rest of the parts are legal by themselves , so how are the two together in the same package illegal?

That just doesn't hold water for me.


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I know it brother. The rest of the GOP will abandon us as well. Just as soon as our votes no longer matter.
"...Just as soon as our votes no longer matter."

In light of the current, highly questionable election results, and with no apparent support from SCOTUS to hear the cases, I think we're pretty much there. As the saying goes, "standby for heavy rolls", as the opposition is getting ready to ride roughshod over this nation.


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Here's some updated info of what transpired.

Here's more on this subject as the ATF visits more sites in regards to 80%ers including Brownells

Here's the GOA Take Action alert.

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