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Just got the following email from Expansion Ammunition. I had contacted them earlier to see when primers would be available from them.

Expansion Ammunition Primers

Thank you Mike,

We are looking forward to starting production over the coming month and shipping on a limited basis.

You will likely see them being offered retail before the end of the first quarter 2023 through various OEMs and websites...SPP and SRP will be the initial launch with large cup primers and variants to follow. We are building a full catalog.

Stay tuned for more good news to come!
Thank you,
Rich Jarvis
Expansion Ammunition Sales

Expansion Ammunition Primers
I bought 4K Federal small magnum pistol primers for $59/1K a few weeks ago with no limit. I left 4K for other customers. I have purchased several thousand small and large pistol primers online over the past year for $90-100 or so. I believe the prices are coming down slightly with more availability. I'm hoping for this to continue so we can enjoy this activity without going broke.


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Today Midway has CCI 350 Large Pistol MAG and 550 Small Pistol MAG primers in stock.

Large are $99.99 / 1000, Small are $89.99 / 1000, limit one of each.



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Midway has CCI Small Pistol and Federal Small pistol MAG primers in stock.