Ready-Up: Three AR Rifle Presentation Techniques


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Though I've never been in a gunfight, while hunting I mostly carry in the "Low Ready" when quietly walking through the woods alone. When with someone else I have carried "Low Ready" or "Muzzle Up" depending on the circumstances, whichever provided the best clearance from my buddy. I don't think I've ever carried "Over the Shoulder", but then I've never had to clear a room or building with others.

If I haven't handled my rifles in a while I have to keep moving the rifle around a bit to get the proper position and eye relief when bringing it up to a target. Like pretty much anything you do ... practice, practice, practice.

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Good video and will help in my quest to be more proficient with my carbine platform. One question for Grant:
What belt rig/holster is that? That looks like an XDM Elite Tactical OSP - which is what I have - and I'd love to know what belt, holster, mag pouches, etc. he's using!