Review: Custom Smith Enterprise M21A5 "Crazy Horse" Rifle

Ron Smith built one of these for me several years ago, I have it in a Blackfeather RS aluminum chassis stock with a scout hand guard made for medium barrels.
I have been championing Smith Enterprise since late 2004 when they built the very first domestic 'Crazy Horse' MK14 Mod 0 type SEI for me, AK47 reliability with sub MOA accuracy is how I described that rifle.


After the Mod 0 I had Ron and Andy build 4 additional custom M14 rifles for me including a Mod 1, the M21A5 'Crazy Horse', the CQB-16, and a NM rifle using a standard weight barrel. All of the rifles SEI has built for me have been fantastic. Life tends to throw us curve balls from time to time, and I was forced to sell off a few of these custom builds, but I still have the CQB-16 and the M21A5 Crazy Horse.


To Jeremy Tremp I say thank you for sharing, and I am sure you will enjoy your first SEI rifle for many years to come. Please put that video on YouTube so more people can see it.
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