Review: Emissary 4.25" .45 ACP


they also now have a 9MM Emissary..


Combining forged steel construction for durability with a beautiful two-tone finish, the Emissary is now available in a 5" model in 9mm as well as a 4.25" version in .45 ACP. Both pistols feature grenade-pattern checkering on their stainless steel frames and G10 grips, as well as a Tri-Top cut to their carbon steel slides, giving them custom-grade styling. In addition, a heavy-profile stainless steel forged bull barrel delivers maximum accuracy and reduces felt recoil.

The Emissary, in both the 5" 9mm and 4.25" .45 ACP versions, blends form and function seamlessly in a defensive-minded firearm loaded with custom-grade features.​

Mr. Untactical

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As a non-1911 firearm owner, I'm like a cat with a play toy every time Springfield releases a new 1911. I still think the Ronin Operator is my favorite all-around 1911 from Springfield, but the Emissary is certainly interesting.

The big question for me and one that has contributed to my hesitation to pull the trigger is: Do I go full size or commander? I doubt that the 1911 would ever be my daily carry, but I can see it being a solid OWB contender when we're visiting relatives out on the family farms or out hiking somewhere that .45 ACP is a desirable trait for a sidearm. In that sense, I'm leaning toward the 5" full size model. However, an all-day hike might be a tad more comfortable with a commander at 4.25".

And nowadays is the question, "To rail, or not to rail."

With unlimited funds, I'd probably have a half dozen 1911s by now, but there you go.

On point, this was a pretty well-written article and I enjoyed reading.


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If they would put a rail and ambi safety on a .45 version I might buy one
Agreed, it does seem to be more of a 'working' or as some would say, "go to war," aesthetic. I would prefer a rail and ambi features for this type of gun. Kind of reminds me of an 80s Benz.

Just rough enough to make it edgy, but keeping the curves in the right places.


So close…finally a SA 1911 with front strap checkering. Now if it did not have the square trigger guard and had AMBI controls I might buy one.