Review: Loaded Marine Corps Operator .45


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Love my Springfield MC Operator. I've upgraded mine with a TRP Magwell. I've used my for a duty gun, and as a 3gun and IDPA competition gun. While I've not kept a record of round count, I feel confident it's in the 10,000 round area. I've owned this one since 2011 or so. Mine is a pre front strap checking model.
mc op magwell.jpg


I was impressed with this genre of 1911's when I attended the SA 1911 armorer's course at IALEFFI. They shoot like a dream. I admired the MC version, and it would be my second choice after the TRP Operator, which has a magwell and bull barrel. A fine fighting pistol, but if you are going to carry it concealed you will need a good belt and probably some suspenders because they are heavy.