Review: Springfield M1A Tanker


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Im curious, what is the barrel profile? Would a thicker barrel make much difference? The velocity may not be as good as a 24 inch barrel but would the added rigidity of a shorter and thicker barrel have much effect on accuracy?


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The Tanker has the same barrel as the SOCOM which is just a shorter version of the standard contour present in the standard length barrel, as is the Scout with a shorter 18" barrel,

The only contour changes occur with the heavier National and Super Match competition (22" barrel) versions.


Basically a traditionally-dressed SOCOM.

As per BL, if you want to go shorter than the full-length barrel the Scout is the best compromise.
Before I bought my Scout I did a bunch of research and saw several forum posting in various places stating that the 16" Socom just wasn't quite reliable. The muzzle being too close to the gas port, while the Scout seemed to be just far enough away to work reliably.

I can say my Scout has never had an issue. What has been the experience of folks with a 16" M1A?