Rob’s Corner: Getting Into PRS

That photo was taken in Utah at the Hornady Precision Rifle Challenge run by the good people from GA Precision. That event took place after I wrote the first piece for the PRS story on The Armory Life. I have now successfully hit a target at 1275 yards on my 1st shot, missed several at less than 400 yards repeatedly, Hit a moose target the size of a bus at 880 and walked what feels like about 10,000 miles at an elevation of 100,000 feet.. In all seriousness it was pretty grueling for me but the view and COF was spectacular!! I highly recommend it!
Thanks Mike & Rob, PRS is something I'd like to get into, as I have several Bolt action rifles in different calibers, along with 308's in AR10 and M1A. I sprung for a Ruger Precision Rifle in 338 Lapua and put a Nightforec SHV 5-20x56 scope on it (I suppose I'm a bit cheaper than you where scopes are concerned, as I have more than 1 rifle to outfit with their own individual scope). But I do agree, that you should get the best scope you can afford.
Rob, I'm guessing your Saint rifles are chambered in 308's since you mentioned Victors and the M1A. Do you have any other calibers? And what are the calibers allowed in this competition? I've heard 6.5 Credmoor, are there different classes for different calibers?
In any case, very interesting article, and I look forward to additional articles on PRS and your progression as you improve your skills in this new competition.