Round Balls and Wild Bill


Master Class
I've taken this from the August 2021 issue of Shooting Illustrated (NRA).
I believe this is excellent information and commentary.

The development of elephant hunting cartridges (i.e. 450 Nitro, 470 Nitro, 500 Nitro, etc.) were intended to ensure adequate penetration of the heavy skull and if the brain was not struck directly or destroyed, the diameter of the round rendered the animal senseless for a long enough period of time for the coups de gras to be issued.

No expansion was intended for tough targets, only perforation of large organs and the destruction of skeletal structures to keep the animal from running off. Expanding projectiles were intended only for thin or soft-skinned targets to prevent over penetration thereby injuring other animals not intended to be shot. Lions come to mind.

Humans and game animals are different creatures but have biological systems based upon the same principles. Destruction or damage of critical organs and skeletal systems stop fights be they at the end of large horns or from firearms or knives.

It's a good read regardless.