Scored 700 .38spcl cases from my local gun club member for $100... time to get busy!

I ordered some .38 Special bullets yesterday and then today found about 1K in my cabinet. Not sure if the wife's rifle likes them, but mine does as do my revolvers. :cool:
summa you guyz surprise the 5hit outta me....

i have only 1 place to store everything related to reloading, maybe that's a good thing.??

i always know where everything is.

i have been hoping and praying that someday i could have a nice, comfortable garage or larger basement, for my hobby/sport.

maybe now, it's darned good thing i don't.........

cuz when i have had way too much coffee in me, and i'm all "hopped up" on caffeine, i'd be rummaging thru all cabinets, closets, drawers in search of all my "buried treasures".....

my 5hit luck though.......i'd find those bills i tucked away, and forgot about.....:eek:
I've since loaded 3K .38s. That's what happens when you're retired and don't want to do yard work. I ordered new powder bushings for my shotshell press that will come in tomorrow. I'll load a few to test as I am switching to Perfect Pattern powder.