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I swapped out this week from my old skool XD9 3" to the "new" XDS Mod2 3.3 9mm. I prefer the XDS over the Hellcat. It's a feel thing. As soon as my holster arrives tomorrow it will be on me. The difference in comfort carrying the XDS is tremendous over the thicker and bulkier (also heavier!) XD9.

My trusty old XD40 is the bedside gun with a crimson trace light. The LC9s was the camper and truck gun but my 16yr old daughter is now being taught to shoot and will become hers at some point.
Nice to have options 👍🏻👍🏻


I swapped out this week from my old skool XD9 3" to the "new" XDS Mod2 3.3 9mm. I prefer the XDS over the Hellcat. It's a feel thing.

I'm with you on the XDS vs. Hellcat decision. The Hellcat is a fine pistol, but the XDS Mod.2 with an 8-round magazine feels like it was designed specifically to fit my hand, and the flatter grip is much easier to conceal with my body style. I would love to have the extra capacity the Hellcat provides, but the XDS Mod.2 just feels better for me to shoot, carry, and conceal. I'm also one of the people who actually likes the grip safety.


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How do you like the holster? I have been eyeballing them for a little while, just haven't taken the plunge.
I have 3 of the Lockleather holsters (2 OWB, 1 IWB), and find them much more comfortable than the kydex style products. For range time (that's been awhile) I do use We The People OWB paddle holsters on occasion.

Since cool weather arrived, requiring coats, I've worn the OWB leather model. Made in the USA (TN I believe), and I find the $59 price is decent.
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Thanks for the feedback, I think I will order one and check it out. You know the story, always looking for the perfect holster....that one actually wants to pay for!!
No problem. They come with the retension device slightly tight, so I always have a phillips screwdriver handy to adjust it. I always put a sandwich baggie over the pistol and slide it into the holster, adjust the retention, and leave the pistol in it for a couple of days, working it in and out on occasion (still in the baggie). Seems to help form/fit the new leather to the holster better.


I noticed you have the S&W Compact 45 2.0? Would you mind letting me know what you think about that handgun? That one is on my short list to buy. It looks a bit like my 45 Shield and if it shoots anything like my Shield, it would be a good carry gun with a couple of extra rounds to boot. Thanks for any info, much appreciated.
Sorry, I just noticed this request... The M&P Compact is a .40 S&W. I have owned Shields of each generation and every caliber, but I have now settled on the M&P40 Compact as my primary EDC. I love for it's handling characteristics, power factor and accuracy. I've also found that with my body frame and clothing, I have no issues keeping my sidearm hidden when I want.
The little LC9 is circa 2012-2013 and goes in the pocket and truck/camper. Completely stock, long trigger pull and all. Close range work!

The XD9 subcompact with 13+1 is really my EDC, I have been shooting an XD40 (not pictured) for 13 years now so the XD9 feels practically identical. In fact, the XD9, XD40, and XDM 10mm all fit the same holster

The Loaded 1911 is not really carried much because it's pretty LOL. The newest member is the XDM 10mm I got a few months ago and I will toss it in when I am going to be standing up a lot as it is a bit uncomfortable when sitting. Not to mention both the 1911 and the 10mm are so long they sit the nose right up against my junk - since I appendix carry. I am a 6'3" 240lb guy so I can conceal fairly easily. When standing the 1911 and 10mm hardly print at all in a thin shirt, and with a thicker hoodie or jacket they disappear.

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What holster(s) have you tried (and /or settled on) for you XD9 subcompact?


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XD-S 45 with Crimson Trace Laser Guard
This is my daily carry during all seasons. I use a Gunfighters Inc. Ronin Kydex holster.
There is also a Cold Steel Kobun knife, a 5 1/2 inch single edge pattern welded hunting knife, a Home Depot box cutter, a MiniMag light AA flashlight and a POM OC spray cannister that finishes off my "load out".
If the XD-E 45 ever comes back to my region, I'll probably switch to that because trigger is so much better and won't eat my finger(s).
I have been carrying this set up, with some minor changes, for three years (i.e. I finally ditched the spare magazine...just too much weight).

I feel quite well kitted out.
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