Slide Stop is hard and stiff

I'm new here, just got a new XDs Mod2 .45 3.3 two tone gun. You put the Mag in while the Slide is in the open locked position, and when trying to use your thumb to press down the button to release the slide and load a round, it is damn near impossible. I never thought you would have to have something like this so tight when new, is this normal?!
My original S&W M&P 1.0 Shield in 9mm is the same way, at times you can’t drop the slide using the stop. I also was told you should slingshot the slide and not use the stop, I know on Glock pistols, that’s what there customer service relayed to me when I contacted them years ago about the same issue discussed here.
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I second @Annihilator. Your pistol is made to handle just using the slide release, but it is always recommended to sling-shot the slide at the same time to ease wear and tear (it’s also easier to do in general IMO). Similar to breaks on a car; you can slam on your breaks every time to stop, or you can ease into every stop to prevent wearing out your breaks too quickly.
I was a mechanic for 10 years prior to this and i love the analogy. Yes what @Annihilator & @LicensedToPill said are correct. The preferred method when wracking the slide is to use the "Sling Shot" method rather then using the slide stop to release the slide and load a round.
It’s normal. You really shouldn’t use the slide release anyway. Just pull the slide back and let it go. Fully loaded the magazine release is probably hard to push too. You can load down a round or two and it’s much easier. My XD Mod 2 service model .45 is this way too. Couple thousand rounds through it now and it hasn’t gotten easier so I wouldn’t expect that to be a solution if I were you. I just deal with it. No biggie.