Smith & Wesson: 642 A Top Selling Revolver


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If you are thinking about the 642 , check out the performance center version. Unless you are on a VERY tight budget you will spend the extra dollars. (y)


I picked one up a few years back at Academy when it was on sale for $299. I've known several cops who used the 642 as their backup, so I figured I'd give it a try. I've always been a decent shot with all sizes of semi-autos and full-framed revolvers, but I just can't seem to shoot the 642 accurately past 5 yards. I'm sure the weapon is fine and this is strictly shooter error. I've always meant to practice more with this gun, but consistently find myself throwing other guns in my range bag. If the ammo every starts showing up in stores again, I may give the 642 another try.