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Lately, there has been a group of kids as young as 11, and not just boys, running around Boston beating people up and destroying property. This has become a nightly news topic on the local channels. Some of these individuals are well known to police. From the articles I have read, some that have been arrested are spitting on police, trying to break there buddies out of the back of the cruiser, you get the idea.

The city has just announced plans to help the children and families of the involved. I wonder what the victims and taxpayers thoughts are on this?

Growing up I was petrified of my dad. Not because he yelled or kicked me around the block. Actually, the opposite. He was always there for me. I had nothing but respect for him. Seems to be missing here.

We all know the importance of being aware of our surroundings. I will admit, none of my training has covered an 11 year old. I am sure any adult would be put under a microscope that had a response other than trying to help a victim. But what about you being the victim? How would you handle something like this?

One of the many articles:
This is a complex problem that stems from the destruction of the nuclear family. I grew up bridging between the late 70’s, 80’s and early 90’s. I lived in 47 places and averaged 6mo per house growing up, so I got a pretty broad spectrum of people, places and cultures during that time. I got to see how it evolved over time from the cities, suburbs and rural areas. More importantly, we only had each other growing up.

When I was born, the percentage of children born to single mothers was only about 15%. Today, it’s around 42%. That causes a lot of problems, some of the big ones are poverty and mental health issues related self worth during childhood and lack of father figures. Poverty is directly related to high crime. Lack of structure and low self esteem leads to poor choices and the need for acceptance outside the home.

Over time, the importance of the nuclear family was pushed aside in favor of self gratification. That trend started in the 60’s and has been steadily growing ever since. If it’s ever going to get better, that trend has to stop.

What we value as an older generation, even more so in the generation before me, community, god and family are steadily slipping away in favor of the needs and wants of the individual.


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As you just recalled what life was like when kids had real parents. Not like so many of today, who looks after themselves first. We are in a time of flux..... no real direction except those who want to influence our children negatively.
Victims many times are forced to watch as the law releases perpetrators with no consequences. For the most part there is no such thing as rehabilitation, not when a person commits cream over and over. Can Jail, or some form of confinement be an answer? I wonder how others feel about hard love..... It's not for all but might help.
My son is a martial arts instructor. He loves the arts and what it does for you physically and mentally. Kids can be very challenging to teach. I have always told him to never lose control of his class. He never has. What he finds very sad is when a parent presents with their child and asks him to speak to them because they are not behaving. He comes home shaking his head saying that's the parents job not mine. That happens more often than I would like to hear.