Speaking of insults.


This is pushing me over the limit. :mad:

In this propaganda photo, members of the Badri 313 Battalion are seen hoisting a Taliban flag in a similar fashion to the six U.S. Marines who raised the U.S. flag on Mount Suribachi during the Battle of Iwo Jima in 1945.




Master Class
So I guess they will have something to wear and weapons when they come through the south door our current administration has open for them.This is truly terrible that there are so many in our current administration that want to destroy our country and Im guessing too stupid to think how it will actually affect their lives.


Suspect there was an American in the taliban mix somewhere who is aware of the iconic status of the Suribachi photo.
Lots of Americans and other European supporters of that crazed bunch of savages.
Remember at the beginning of the fighting the American taliban named Lindh? He was involved in the death of former Marine and CIA Mike Spahn. He was a convert from California.