Springfield Armory 911 .380 ACP

I'm sitting here waiting for mine to come in. It was shipped but having the Hellcat which I love but even though small I decided that the 911 .380 might be my better EDC gun. Also the thought having a different caliber given supply on ammo sucks might be a advantage. Well I was wrong there .380 is even harder to get. I really want about 200 rounds on the range with it before I carry it.
Guy- I bought my .380 about 5 years ago and tried many different defense ammos before settling on Black Hills Honey Badger 60 grain. Video review on Handguns magazine website. I bought a few boxes and found it to be a relatively soft shooter at 1104 fps from a 2.75" barrel. Recently saw an online article (can't remember where) that a guy took down a charging bear with a single head shot with that ammo. In very hot weather, I carry in a Desantis pocket shot holster with 6+1 and 2 spare 6 mags. The 911 looks like a very good choice as these small guns are easy to conceal (mine looks like a wallet or cell phone in my right front pocket) as well as effective for EDC. Hope you enjoy yours!


I bought a 911 Alpha when it was released. Like many 911 owners, I had multiple FTE's at first. After 200-250 rounds, everything smoothed out and the gun has been 100% reliable. I've seen numerous posts on other platforms complaining about reliability, but I think many issues will smooth out with a little break-in. If you can't afford (or find) the ammo for break-in, Springfield is perfectly willing to have the guns shipped back for a touch-up. I may be a glutton for punishment, but I really like the 911 despite the break-in issues. Hopefully, Springfield has improved the quality control for the 911's before they leave the factory.
I'm ATthe range-first time with the 911. Love it very accurate and the trigger is just awesome. Like it better than my Hellcat. I bought the alpha version for 400. So your cardboard box period. No pouch or soft holster. Plastic grips. I bought a Sticky and a inside holster. New grips and I bought some night sights

But be aware the Alphayou don't get much only 1 mag to