Springfield Armory XD 5" Tactical 9mm Review


A nicely written review - here's bit of constructive criticism.....

The author listed a number of advantages of a longer barrel pistol -

Springfield Armory XD 5" Tactical 9MM Review said:
The extra length gives you a distinct advantage in both defensive and sport shooting scenarios. The benefits include:
  • Reduced muzzle rise for faster follow-up shots
  • Less muzzle flash and noise
  • Increased sight radius for improved accuracy and precision
  • Increased bullet velocity for optimal penetration and expansion

Let's say that the second portion of the last is a bit too involved to test and show - I think that's a perfectly reasonable compromise, and am willing to let it go without data (although there's always been a debate in the community as to whether higher velocity actually guarantees better terminal performance - most recognize that it is virtually impossible to guaranty exactly what that additional velocity will do), as this is after all just a 6-minute quick-read review, and not a comprehensive examination of the gun. Besides, the author nicely charted some velocity data that does back up his assertions. (y)

Why is there no split-time data to compare recoil mitigation? Given that velocity and accuracy (more on this in a second) data was obtained first-hand, why was this not objectively reviewed, particularly given that this was repeatedly asserted in the body text?

And in terms of "less muzzle flash and noise," again, I get that the latter is a bit more involved to actually data log, but the former certainly should -NOT- have been highlighted by this very picture, taken from the review itself:


While that picture certainly is a very cool snap, it really doesn't sell the review, does it? ;)

Perhaps my biggest disappointment came in terms of the "improved accuracy and precision" claim. I was especially disappointed to see that this part of the testing was done at only 7 yards, and what's more, that at that distance, the performance was far from impressive.

We know from Tim Herron's excellent 7-yards-for-25-yards test that for a shooter to be able to print a 2.5 to 3-inch group at the 25 yard line, he or she really needs to be able to print that "one ragged hole" group (appx. 3/4-inch) at the 7 -

^ and in video format -

OK, I know - I'm gonna get some good-natured ribbin' from my friends here who would say that I should look at the title of the thread/review, and remember that this is a "tactical" weapon, ostensibly for duty/defense and not geared for bullseye shooting. But let's remember that Larry Vickers' accuracy standard for handgun is 5-inches at 25 yards:

- which, in-actuality, is very doable for most proficient shooters. With the data logged in this review, I really don't see how this was in any way favorable.....

And really, bullseye shooting isn't realistic? What if your opponent wanted to bring back the gentleman's game of dueling? 😅 :p