Springfield EMP 1911 Holster Round Up

For most of us civilians, every day carry (EDC) means concealed carry. The most difficult part of a pistol to keep concealed under a garment is the butt of the pistol. Many IWB holsters today include some form of an "arm" that is attached to the rear side (butt) of the holster and angled (designed) to pull the butt of the pistol in tight to the body when the belt is tightened to keep the grip (butt) more concealed. In other words the pistol does not "print" so much with this type of addition to the IWB holster. Actually, IWB holsters in general tend to hold the pistol tighter to the body than most Outside Waistband (OWB) holsters. To test this theory, go ahead and arm your self with a strong side belt holster and check yourself out in a mirror. Do it with both type of belt holsters, IWB & OWB, and see which one works best for concealment in your case. Different body types come into play here. Perhaps the most important aspect of drawing from any belt holster is to get a "shooting grip" on the pistol before drawing it out for presentation. And, as professional self defense trainer Clint Smith so famously stated: "carrying a gun is not supposed to be comfortable, it's supposed to be comforting." Amen!