Springfield XD Sub-Compact 3" vs. Springfield XD Tactical 5"

I have both in MOD-2 Grip Zone version and I agree with the article.
Since the controls are identical one is a nightstand and the other is EDC.
The only downside is the compact prints a little bit and thanks to our fine 2A hating governor I have to use 10 round mags in the tactical.
i have 3
a 5 inch service XD 1st gen 9 mm
and one 45 and one 9 mm xd subcompact
both 9mms are fantastic, but the service pistol is IMO better on target at 45 feet than the sub compact

the 45 sub is a HANDFULL, it requires 100% proper grip and attention

both sub compacts carry very well, in a holster all day

but the service is my fav carry of the xds
great article as well
I liked the article comparing the XD Sub in 3" vs the Tactical in 5". Sometimes a good 'ol test comparison from an experienced shooter is as valuable as gold. But make no bones about it, if you want a side arm and you are into open-carry then the 5" is spot on. For conceal carry the 3" is my choice even though a bit bigger than the myriad of other choices out there in the 9mm world. I have the XD Sub in 40 S&W and it is PERFECT for me, size, wt, power, and size for my conceal carry choice. It is deadly accurate using 135gr Federal Hydra-Shock ammo at 30 yds even farther. With practice I have become much better with 165gr and like the SA XD Subcompact tremendously for its shootability, takedown, and use right out of the box, except add a mag to hold more is highly desireable. I can imagine the XD Sub in 45 Auto would be like holding a Tiger by the tail, but hey, some ppl like that kinda challenge and after a fair amount of time shooting that little beast you are bound to get better all the way around. Great article, really like my XD Sub in 40 S&W (I like to think of it as a 10mm Kurtz).
I have an old XDm40 3.8 that I bought in 2011. I recently replaced the sights again with XS R3D 2.0 and powder river spring kit. I feel like i just bought a new gun and love the way it shoots. I also like my XDs 45 with powder river kit and talon grips. Both guns are very accurate and reliable.
While I have a number of pistols that have 3 dot sights, I think the yellow tritium dot in the front and the U rear sight improves hit probability measurably. My son has a 3" sub compact that I can't hit much of anything yet my XDs with the above sights lets me put 7 all in a 3x5 card. I just wish I could find where to get them to change some of my other pistols.
I have an XDS 3.3 in 45 ACP as my EDC. Very reliable and easy to conceal. I AM disappointed that SA seems to have abandoned it for the other models. I'd like to add a red dot capable slide and a threaded barrel, but there is nothing for it and SA doesn't even talk about it anymore.
I love my XD9045 and trust it with my life on most days when I am out and about. Performance had been rock steady for over 4K rounds.
Own the XD9 Service 4", XD45 Compact 4", and XD9 Subcompact 3".
The Service has the OSP slide with u-notch sight and the other two have XS minimalist night sights.
Noticed with the Service it takes me a shot or two to "settle in" but with the Compact and Subcompact I am "right on" from the very beginning and have no trouble staying focused.
Dunno if it has to do with my medium sized hands working better with slightly smaller guns or the height difference between the two sights.
Article states, "I credit this to the dual-spring recoil system that goes into the smallest XD, as opposed to the single spring system in the 4” and 5” models."

Confused, as I have an XD9 Service model in 4" and it has the dual-spring.😕
I have owned almost all calibers and variations of the XD, 3",4", 5" - 9, 40, 45, 357Sig. Never bought 1 in 45 GAP.:)
The 3" 9mm with a full size mag/grip is very accurate.
I have the xdm3.8 compact, my normal edc and favorite shooter. Also have the xd mod2 subcompact, 3.3 in 45acp. Full size mags added a lot of rounds to a small gun.