The Forgotten Beretta 92 Pistol

Palmetto State Armory is offering the Beretta 92 Italian police trade-ins for $329.00 currently.
They’re 92S models, so other 92 Model mags won’t work since the mag release is at the bottom of the pistol and magazine notch lines up differently (you may be able to notch other 92 model mags to work though). Looks like a good price for them though.
Hi-power's are really nice but really expensive right now. $1200 range for a used one.
Bought mine from Classic Firearms for about $780. Belgium police trade in; FN Browning HI-Power with aluminum slide/steel rails, rare and in pretty good condition.

Edit: it's actually the Lightweight Alloy aluminum frame reinforced with steel, as the article below (and copied text) indicates. Sorry for the mistype original info.

But there's a rare Hi Power, one you probably have never seen. No, not a Nazi-proofed one, and not the mythical "personal sidearm of Hitler." Rather, it's the Lightweight Hi Power.
You see, despite its not-considerable 35 ounces, for a lot of users, there is no such thing as a pistol that is too light. So, for some police departments in Europe, FN made an aluminum-framed Hi Power. The frame is aluminum, but the barrel seat, the crossways part in the frame that the barrel cams up against, is steel, because aluminum just couldn't take the abuse. Everything else about it appears normal. FN used the same slide and barrel as the Hi Power in all of its single-stage variants, and the same magazine that they all benefited from. These were made, as far as I can tell, for a few police agencies in Europe and (allegedly) for an Austrian border agency. Total number for all alloy-framed Hi Powers was probably less than a few thousand.

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