To Build a Fire


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Fire-building is a critical skill for anyone who spends time in the outdoors. Hypothermia can set in even during relatively mild weather, especially if the person's clothing and skin are wet. With fire, a person can warm themselves, dry their clothing, signal for help, cook a meal and bolster themselves against panic.

To Build a Fire



Some really good tips there guy. When I was young I did quite a bit of camping, one of my favorite supplies I never left home without was a small metal container (an old fashioned "BandAide" box IIRC) full of 'char cloth'. Even when dry tinder was hard to come by, the char cloth would always come through for me.

Over time as I would use it up to about 3-4 more starts, I'd take a little time at home and make another box full of wraps. Tried to keep enough on hand for about 8-10 starts.