Top Springfield Hellcat Holsters


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So I got my Hellcat literally 3 weeks after they came out. I bought 2 holsters and was given 2 from people who make them. I’ve tried the crossbreed holster which was good don’t get me wrong but wasn’t for me. I bought the 1791 4 position holster which I love due to versatility. I was given a holster by Haven Defense. It was a nice holster but again not for me. lastly I was given my OWB holster from Upper Hand Holsters which out of all my holsters is by far my favorite and most comfortable holster. I am looking into the Vedder holster tho I want a really nice comfortable IWB holster.
@Mike H. Is the Clinger Comfort Cling Pocket Holster in the video a Full Size or Compact Size? Just got my Hellcat and want to try one of these. They ask you to choose when you order. I'm guessing Compact but want to be sure. Thanks!




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Give Hidden Hybrid Holsters a try - you won't be sorry. They have OWB, IWB+OWB, appendix, and small-of-back holsters for every version of the hellcat and pro. I have a few of their holsters for both appendix and IWB+OWB and the build quality makes Crossbreed look pathetic.