Tricking Out My SAINT Edge ATC

personally if I had the money which "I do not", but if I did. I believe I would have to change the caliber. As much as I like 5.56/223 I am not much on it for precision long range. I think I would have to go with one of three different calibers of .224Val. 6ARC and the tried and true 6.5 Grendel. most likely leaning towards the 6ARC. I like everything I have seen and heard about the 6ARC, I also think the Springfield Saint ATC would make a perfect Host for the 6ARC being a precision platform. I believe the Springfield Saint ATC and the 6ARC would be the perfect combination between firearm and cartridge, coming together as one. plus with all the other changes you previously mentioned I think it would be next to none in precision and range for an AR-15 platform. But that is just my opinion. the biggest advantage about Keeping the Springfield Saint ATC in 5.56 would be the lower cost for ball ammo. Anyway great article, and enjoy your platform. Being that "I am a poor" and cannot even remotely afford the Springfield Saint ATC I am jealous, that you have one and can afford to dress it how you please. Maybe one day before I pass into the heavens (hopefully) Springfield would let me try one out or possibly even gift one to me being that I am cash poor, and gun poor...lol God Bless
I actually just turned mine into a 6.5 Grendel


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Seems like gun shops can't give those hideous things away.
I could honestly tolerate the fact it looks like a trophy marlin catch , my biggest annoyance is the weight . It’s obviously just a bench gun so whatever , I’m not grabbing this thing for any scenario but trying to reach out and touch something 500+ yards out , target shooting . It’s just so dense AND it’s ugly . Like the gun shops though I don’t think I could give it away so I’m just trying to make the best of it. Got someone wanting to trade me a saint pistol AR but I think I’d rather keep this weirdo .