Type 14 Nambu: Pacific War’s Most Coveted War Souvenir?

The Type 14 Nambu is one of the few WW 2 era guns I've actually had the chance to fire. A friend of mine has one, inherited from his father, who brought it home as a War Trophy. Dr. Dabbs, your description of its trigger is exactly as I recall shooting the gun in the mid 80's.

I remember trying to help him find dies so he could reload, and it was a lot of "We're sorry," replies. Redding offered to make a custom die set, but it was pretty pricey back then even (nearly $400 if memory serves). Now, I understand Lee will make a 3 die set for less than $300.

Thank you for a good article.
My father, a Marine pilot, flew in combat over Peleliu and later flew missions in the Solomons from the captured Japanese air field there. A Marine Captain, using the tail number of his TBM3, located dad and presented him with a Nambu and Hinomaru (good luck flag) after he and his flight bombed and strafed a well positioned enemy that had a company of Marines pinned down. His brother, an Army Sargent, ’collected’ a type 14 and flag during the campaign to retake the Philippines. So, yes - something of a prize. See Teri’s Nambuworld.com for more info on these weapons.


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Plow Boy

A neighbor of mine had a Nambu, he was an old man, and he really liked the gun.
He let me handle it, but I am a hard corps 1911 type, so I didn’t care for it that much.