Type of holster you use for EDC

Muddy River Tactical Water Buffalo leather holster is my most comfortable for IWB. Look them up, if you don't mind leather holsters they are priced right and very durable. This is used for my mostly carried Lc9s. I have multiple kydex holsters OWB and IWB for other pistols.
I used the Crossbreed SuperTuck for 12 years and moved to the Gunfighter Inc CAS (discontinued) last year. I like the appendix comfort and higher level of concealability but wish I had gone with the tier1. I love the holster I have but the clip isn't good for appendix.
When I get my hellcat I'm thinking of their Spectre Shoulder rig and a milt sparks when I need it on my hip
I mostly use Crossbreed holsters. At first, I always thought they looked funny and would be uncomfortable, but USCCA (I'm a member), had a discount from them so I tried them. I find them comfortable and secure and I'm currently sticking to their IWB line (I have the Founders series, Mini tuck, Super tuck and Reckoning), for my several EDC carry pistol options. I also have several OWB Blackhawk Serpas, Galaco and IWB DeSantis holsters. I bought a very nice leather shoulder rig made in Turkey for my Magnum Research Desert Eagle 50AE pistol with 2 mag pouches, although I don't currently wear that as my EDC :unsure:
OWB is Versacarry or MTR Leather
IWB is MTR Leather or Crossbreed
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EDC has been a real battle for me. At 160# and 30" waist I simply couldn't conceal. IWB, OWB seems no matter
where I put it, it prints. Well, I feel it prints. Auto or wheel gun. I tried all kinds of holsters, pouches and bands. If I were to put them up on ebay I'd be able to purchase another pistol or two. Then watching a rerun of the old Robert Stack Untouchables I saw how shoulder rigs seemed to work well. That's my answer. Tuck that baby in my arm pit and done deal. Horizontal rig with my Glock 23 was perfect. My small T shirt, the rig and then a LARGE outer shirt completes the ensemble. Reaching in the outer shirt gave quick access without hanging up. Feeling comfortable, the wife saying it looks sharp and conceals well. For several months I was all set. All set until shopping at the grocery store one day. I suddenly realized that in the checkout lane, every time I faced forward my Glock was pointed at the lady behind me and her two kids that were riding in the cart. That holster went in the pile with all the rest.
I was beginning to think that my only option was the gym and to bulk up. I know an instructor that is good sized fella. He carries a Judge in his pants pocket!
Preferring a shoulder rig I looked some more and settled on what has become perfect for me. A Vertical holster. The Glock tucks up nice under the arm. The muzzle nor the grip are pushing my shirt out to print at all. No adjusting to drive and then again sitting in the Lazy Boy. There be a Barney Fife incident it should be restricted to my foot.
Best part of using a shoulder rig is when out for dinner and have to hit the men's room. No worry where my pistol is while seated in the stall. It's still neatly tucked under my armpit at the ready.
Just curious on what kind of holster and the type you use for EDC, for my S&W Shield I use a DeSantis leather Speed Scabbard OWB.
I have XDM 3.8 Compact and love my Alien Gear setup. I like how modular it is. In a matter of minutes I can go from IWB to OWB depending on the situation. And if I buy another gun, all I need to buy is the new kydex part of the holster.
My usual is a Neptune Concealment IWB holster for my 365 XL, either a Nemesis Pocket Holster or a Vedder IWB for the original 365 and Red Hill Tactical for belt carry of either my full size 320 or CZ Bull Shadow. Every once in a blue moon I will drop a Ruger SP101 in my pocket for walks around the property or running a quick errand.
I've got a 911 in .380 that I carry in a DeSantis Nemesis pocket holster. It's really small and drops easily into my pocket, and that holster really grips the inside of your pocket. I can't recommend it enough!
I use the following, in order: Blackhawk leather ISP w/clip (99% @ 4 o'clock), Remora w/reinforced top, Blackhawk ARC (appendix only), and lastly an original Stoner bellyband. Good shooting.