Welrod Pistol: Allied Assassination Tool

Excellent article Dr. Dabbs.
I've always had an interest in the Welrod, though they're rare enough, I've never examined one close and personal.
You bring up a point there's been much discussion about on other forums, and that is how quiet can we reduce the report? It's my understanding the Welrod's design reduced report far more than any modern Suppressor, but to do that, requires using materials that degrade after a limited number of shots, or making a Suppressor that effective with reusable materials, requires dimensions that quickly become impractical. I've only heard recordings of a Welrod being fired, which isn't the same as being right next to one, and it is amazingly quiet. Not the mouse fart Hollywood erroneously portrays, but much more than any modern Suppressor I've had the pleasure of shooting.
AH YES! Those days... so much research, development and some awesome weapons made utilizing what few resources were available. IE.. the STERLING. Knowing just a wee bit about it.... we have to stand in awe and amazement! Never let ANYONE... including our own oppressive liberal keepers tell you... YOU CANNOT.. because these items like this prove them wrong. YOU CAN! Just keep it QUIET!
Fascinating. It always made me shudder to think of how up close and "personal" clandestine activities were in those days. Before drones and other modern technology made taking out the bad guys more of a remote prospect, this sort of thing was a "look them in the eyes" as the deed was done.

Can anyone tell me the exact drawing dimensions of this gun?
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