What “Vehicle” Color works For You?

I’m asking this because I am currently helping my lady look for a new/used vehicle for transportation for her.
That being said for my fellow forum members this also includes motorcycles.

Let me start by saying I will never buy anything in white, that color just does nothing for me and I also understand that for some color makes no difference,
Transportation is just that.

My favorite motorcycle color was a Honda GoldWing 1200 Interstate in WineBerry Red. For 4 wheel vehicles I’ve always tried to purchase darker colored rides however I did own at one time a FireEngine Red Hummer H3
My last few vehicles, both 2 and 4 wheel have been dark Grey.

So ladies and gentlemen what color works for you?


My last bike, Honda ST1100 was in fire-engine red. Saw another in bright yellow (custom paint) that was pretty cool.

My company trucks have all been ordered (by me) in muted darker colors. Some customers don't like a salesman to drive around in something that sticks out, nor do many like their salesman in an expensive truck (they think you make too much in commissions then). Metallic grays, browns, medium gray, medium blue, beige...don't much care (except on the 2-wheel scooters).


Midnight blue or black. Every car except one I have had since 1976 has been one of those colors. The lone exception is a silver Ford Focus my wife bought for a long commute, then I inherited it for my commute.

My motorcycles were the same.


i love the dark reds. then medium to dark blues.

my new car, bought in january however, is black, which i do not like, but the cars were being shipped to the dealerships, so not much color choices.

i hate white, black, gray, and silver...but this black has grown on me. i guess it just had to.

my former bikes were 1) medium blue, 2) jade green, and 3) black. to me, a black motobike is ok any time.


I have never been overly concerned about my car. I want to drive something mechanically sound that looks professional. I've always found grey, silver, and dark/navy blue to fit the bill nicely.

I am pickier about my motorcycles, but I base my decisions on the overall look of the bike rather than just the color. I tend to like black, red, and the darker greens; but I've owned bikes in blue, white, and even yellow that looked sharp on that particular model. I think Italian bikes look best in red, and I prefer the darker "denim" finishes on Harleys.


I have always liked silver, especially on larger vehicles.
My wife's 2005 baby we bought new.

Generally color is not a consideration for me. I buy all my cars used.

Having said that. My three favorite cars that I've ever had were all blue.

'69 Chevy Malibu Turquoise Blue

'91 Geo Storm (only brand new car I ever owned) Midnight Blue. For what it's worth I have to add that particular car was one of the best cars I ever owned. I put 130,000 Milea on it in 9 years. I spent a year delivering pizzas in it. And I never had a major problem with it.

'92 Mazda Miata Convertible. Royal Blue.

My current vehicle is a 2007 Chevy Malibu with a brand new engine in it. I couldn't tell you what color it is it's some kind of a neutral whitish gold. I know people don't pay attention to it.


I had two Harley one in that 2003 special edition blue love that color and a 2005 all black and my last bike was a triumph bonnieville t100 in orange and off white so I am all over the broad but my favorite color in cars snd bikes is black
It depends.
I avoid colors that fade in the sun the fastest.
I avoid colors that show dirt and dust.
I avoid colors that attract law enforcement attention.
I try to avoid colors that blend in with environment.


I know you said no white, but in looking at a new model Chevy truck, they have a new iridescent pearl that reflects color and is just beautiful I also like the dark ash. For a bike I love the Indian in Grey with the orange/black trim package. Happy hunting!


Silvers, light gray metallics tend to make a car look elegant. Black is ominous. Blues mean, sporty. Reds, oranges are race car inspiration. Golds, browns, tans…beige favor the conservative, older driver. Bright single stage colors are youthful and fun. Greens, muted blues, primer gray are adventurous.

I had more than my fair share of botched body shop paint work so I tend to shy away from metallics due to complexities and mainly because if bodywork is needed, you have to be careful which paint shop does the matching and the time of year that paint goes on if the shop doesn’t prep properly And the time it takes to get them to redo any poor work.

If stuck with a Fleet White because of a very good deal which is hard to find these days…there’s always vinyl wrap.


It’s almost a moot point because so few cars are actually available with proper colors. If you’re into black, white, silver, battleship grey, and maroon you’re in luck. I’ve always liked cars with strong colors. I lucked out and snagged a Mini in British Racing Green that really stands out. My Porsche is black, which was not my first choice, but sportscar…


Never paid much attention to color unless it was ugly. The best truck I ever had ( '96 F-350, 5 speed 7.3 Power Stroke) was red. The truck I have now ( '05 Dodge Ram 1500 with the big hemi and a performance chip) is gunmetal gray. Had a 35th anniversary Mustang GT that was white. I currently drive a 2005 Lexus ES 330. It's kinda green. Wife drives a 2017 Toyota Avalon Limited. It's silver.