Why gun stores shouldn’t #*%& their customers…or, my parking lot bargain buy…


Where have you found the mags?
I picked mine up from Battlehawk Armory. They showed up in the inventories of a decent number of online stores at the first of the month. Most of them are out right now, but Bersa is supposedly shipping new mags every month, and they seem to show up every few days at different dealers. The UPC for the flat black mags is 810083204246, and the gloss black UPC is 091664903882. If you search for these UPC's in any of the gun search engines, you should be able to find some in stock within a few days. Of course, you can never tell how many of those mags are sitting on boats docked outside a U.S. port, but at least they are finally being shipped by Bersa.


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We are 50 of dealer price on buying used guns, thats were we start and go down if really used. Every gunthat comes in is “brand new” or just one mag run through. We have bought broke guns that were sold to us as new. So when we buy a gun we are buying an unknown. We do not force a customer to take the offer, they are free to go down the street to the pawn shop. Our job is to be in a used gun as cheap as possible. It sounds like the seller didn’t even bother to counter offer.