Woke Awakening


This was inevitable…
Quote from about the 5th paragraph down:
“They have said there is no staffing shortage within the police department, and that officers should focus on the most serious crimes.”
Flies in the face of the good ol’ Broken Windows theory - we cannot ignore the small stuff. Just one of the many things wrong with that movement…




Even the out-going Dem governor of Virginia is pitching large pay increases for state troopers, corrections officers and deputy sheriffs in his outgoing budget request. I would guess that across the country there are career politicians who are seeing the handwriting on the wall and want to keep their jobs.


I feel for you…. I have no desire to live anywhere near Jokeland.
You know tidalwave if you never been in Oakland before I grow here in the 70 Oakland is got some great areas really top notch foodie area some of the best chefs around you know what areas to stay out of but all in all its a beautiful place weather is perfect year around but when they started that defunding police stuff we just chose to stay away