Your Third Hand? Real Avid Master Gun Vise Review


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Would love to see a "comparison" between this and something like the Tipton Ultra (which is $100 less) to understand the application specifics for each... is this just a nicely padded vice for handguns, ARs, ?

The Tipton Ultra isn't really a vise and it's only good for loosely holding your firearms while cleaning or performing basic maintenance as it doesn't really have a strong clamping feature. I own the Tipon Ultra and use it for exactly what I described above.

The Real Avid is an actual vise designed to be a more solid support when gunsmithing or AR building. I own quite a few tools & tool kits from Real Avid.

There's no way to compare the Tipton Ultra vs the Real Avid Vise as they are designed for different purposes.
Well, they say right tool for the right job! I choose 4! The Tipton has a fair enough weight to it and good for most firearm needs. The Avid (recently acquired) has been good for handgun work and some AR use. The Wilton vise Came with a "receiver" style mount for when not in use on a vehicle. It's heavy and will withstand heavy abuse for heating metal, bending rebar and/or flattening/straightening steel/aluminum/other metals. Last there's the barrel vise! The type says it all. 1 vise can do most jobs, but sometimes you need something more specific.

Tipton: $119.00
Avid: $299.00
Wilton: $75.00
?: $80.00
I like the Avid vise for the versatility of getting the best angle for what I'm working on. I'm not a contortionist and not for 1 that'll stand on my head for the job at hand. With various mag adapters for the job.


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