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If you replace the 15 round base plate and spring with the 13 round base plate and spring you now have a reliable 17 round mag! +1 in the Pipe . 18 rounds in a Hellcat!!!
I have an XD in 45 ACP. The magazines hold 13 rounds, but I have a lot of difficulty getting a magazine to properly seat in the pistol with ammo in the magazine. Is anybody else having this issue? Is there anything can do to fix this?
Goodbye all!
I had fun but refuse to be censored any longer.
It was fun while it lasted.
Getting ready to recertify as a Texas License to Carry instructor. I've got to qualify with both a semi-auto and a revolver. For the semi-auto I'm shooting a Springfield Ronan. As for the revolver I'm shooting a 50year old Smith &Wesson Chief Special .38 Special with a 2" barrel. Now, that should be interesting, especially at 15 yards.
Got some new grips for my model 640 smith and Wesson the old grips look cool they are real ivory but terrible to grip got some good pachmayr grips can’t wait till Wednesday and try them
It was a lot better it’s still 3 to 7 feet at best with the model 640 caliber 38p that double action trigger is heavy they are fun to shoot but recoil is mean . I will get use to it I bring her every range trip
Just purchased a Hellcat osp. When I pull the trigger just before the trigger breaks, the slide moves. I haven’t experienced this with other guns. Is this normal on the Hellcats?
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Welcome to the forum! Many good people here. Hope you enjoy it!

As a note: Generally not many people view this area of forum too often.

To help you and for a much better response to most any gun questions go above left in redish brown band to "Home" then scroll down to "Guns" and post your gun questions there. Makes it easier for everyone is all.
Thank you for the advice!
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David R. Marshall
I would like some advice on a good conceal carry.
Had my old 1911 checked out and the ejector replaced. Finally got a proper front sight for my CZ 83 (9mmMak) so I don't have to do a six o'clock hold when I practice with it. Got new grips for my S&W Mod 10 (1922) since the old ones were getting a bit weathered and the "Hard Rubber" was coming off when I shot it.
Most of my S&W revolvers wear Pachmyer rubber grips. I have used these grips for both duty and hunting use. They are good in most weather conditions as well as stand up to dings.
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New member and new gun owner. Just recently got my hands on a 308 saint victor pistol. Any ideas on set ups? Thanks! Haha also got to mention this.. I’m ****ing loving that 308 😂
Be very careful if you get a forearm brace. The ATF is less than trustworthy when it comes to their approvals. If you can get one with a post on the end of the brace so it cannot ever be considered as a "shoulder stock". Outside of that, practice, practice, practice. Wolf, Barnaul, and Tula make about the best cheap new .308 but make sure your range will let you use steel cased ammo.
New member I own 8 firearms one shot gun in a 12 gauge one lever action Henry in 22 magnum Springfield 1911 in a45 Smith Wesson in a 38 model 640 and mp shied 40 and ruger 22lr and beretta 92fs and a heritage 22/22 magnum single action cowboy gun that’s all for now